Love the Skin You're In! From the Inside Out

Love the Skin you're in this month and every month with Beauty Pillow!

When it comes to our bodies, it’s pretty normal to focus on the exterior. Active skincare routines using daily and nightly serums and topical treatments or exercising to tone and strengthen is part of our day to day. 

When it comes to our diet and sleep routines, it can be easy to let things fall away. Modern lives are busy, it’s so easy to grab a quick snack or order in rather than taking the time to cook a nutritious meal. It’s the same with sleep. Trying to fit everything into your daily routine can often leave us skimping on sleep. 

Without the right fuel and without enough rest our bodies, brains and even our skin and hair can suffer. So, how do we ensure everything is running smoothly?

Eating & Sleeping Well for Energy

Starting every day with a glass of water and a meal with protein and fiber is key. Water helps to keep us hydrated, which is essential for most bodily functions. Protein keeps us full and helps to feed our muscles while fiber helps to keep our digestive systems on track. 

Skipping breakfast will most often have a negative affect on our systems. When we sleep, our bodies move through sleep cycles where hormones to regulate appetite and digestion are released. When we wake and skip breakfast, these cycles are interrupted and deregulated.

This change in hormone levels can leave us feeling low, leading to irritability and trouble focusing. When we feel like this, we’re more likely to reach for snacks high in sugar or fat to help spike our energy levels. Eating a balanced breakfast and drinking water before caffeine and other stimulants will help your body perform its best. 

So, what are the ingredients for a great sleep? 

Great sleep is all about real beauty sleep. Deep sleep that repairs and restores. Using a functional tool like a wrinkle reducing pillow, a pillow case for acne or wrinkle free pillow cases are simple and effective ways to improve your skin while you sleep. 

Enjoy the feeling of soft Mulberry Silk against your skin every night with Beauty Pillow

The Beauty Pillow is the best pillow for skin thanks to its patented design. The sleep wrinkle pillow features side cut outs that reduce facial compression and a head cradle that reduces movement, making it the ultimate pillow for skin. 

Using a wrinkle pillow as a sleep wrinkle treatment tool goes further than just the wrinkle free pillow benefits.

The Beauty Pillow’s elevation helps to actively align the spine in sleep. Ensuring you sleep in the correct position will help to alleviate daily muscle and joint strain. Wake up refreshed and revitalized every day with a simple pillow switch!

Switching For Health, Skin And Hair

Another simple switch for your health, your skin and your hair? Making the switch to Silk! 

Which colour will you choose? Beauty Pillow's Silk Pillowcases come in 6 luxe colours

Encasing your beauty sleep pillow to prevent wrinkles in an anti aging pillowcase might seem a bit strange, but it’s actually pretty easy. The Skin+ Pillowcase is the perfect partner for the Beauty Pillow, while the advantages of a silk pillowcase also can’t be ignored. 

While Skin+ delivers overnight antioxidant benefits, a silk pillowcase benefits include: hypoallergenic, antifungal, antimicrobial, moisture wicking, temperature regulating and non absorbent. 

Silk pillow cases made from Mulberry Silk fibers are coated in a protein called sericin which ensure the fibers are durable yet soft enough for daily use. It’s rare to be allergic to Silk Pillowcase or Silk Sleep Mask thanks to the sericin coating. 

Using a silk pillow case cover over your Beauty Pillow or standard pillow will allow your hair and skin to glide easily over the soft fibers. Skin experiences less irritation and breakouts thanks to the Mulberry Silk fibers, while hair experiences less breakage and tangling. 

Silk Eye Masks help prevent dark circles forming from overnight compression

Sleeping with the best silk sleep mask and silk hair scrunchies feels like an extremely luxurious experience each and every time. Sleeping with a Silk Sleep Mask by Beauty Pillow will help to protect the delicate skin around the eyes, reducing compression and preventing the dark circles. 

Sleeping with silk hair ties or night silk hair scrunchies allows you to comfortably secure hair, reducing tangling for natural hair, extensions and weaves. 

Adding Silk Scrunchies, Silk Headbands and Silk Eye Masks to your nightly routine will help ensure your skin and hair are protected, while improving your sleep hygiene for deeper sleep.