Motivation for the End of the Year? We’ve Got It!

End of year motivation at your fingertips with Beauty Pillow's range of sleep accessories designed to boost your beauty sleep!

It can be hard to maintain your motivation for end of year. With Thanksgiving done and dusted, you might be looking for an after thanksgiving cleanse, only to find there’s Holiday Parties and more on your agenda. 

So, the question becomes: how to prepare for Christmas, have fun and get enough beauty sleep?

Let’s break it down! 

How to detox after Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a lot of food, fun and family drama. Taking a step back from all of that just as the Holiday party season is picking up might not sound like much fun, but your body will thank you in the long run! 

We’re not talking about a crazy juice cleanse or fad diet. These crazes usually leave you feeling great for about 5 seconds and then the hunger pangs set in. Our bodies naturally detox through the liver and kidneys, so subbing this natural function for a juice cleanse could actually do more harm than good in the long run. 

At Beauty Pillow, we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. This means simply: all things in moderation. 

With holiday parties and events on your calendar, it can be hard to turn down an invitation. When you’re constantly on the go with holiday parties and end of year celebrations, it can be hard to make time for yourself. 

Why not set an appointment with yourself to unwind and enjoy some new skin products or take a bath? Taking some time to enjoy new beauty, new skin care and reconnect with your thoughts is a great way to celebrate and enjoy your body. 

Have fun at any time of year with Beauty Pillow's range of skincare support pillows and sleep accessories

How to Have Fun without the Excess! 

This year is really the year of new skincare 2022! There were so many great products that came onto the market, it can be hard to try them all. Our tip: take a look at your skin and see what you need from new skincare. 

As the seasons change, so does our skin. In the winter months we tend to get drier thanks to the wintry winds in the Northern Hemisphere and the increase in being inside in hot, dry environments. 

The best new skincare for this time of year is likely to be rich night creams, sleeping masks or light hydrating serums that you can layer. Everyone’s skin is different, so make sure you’re using products tailored to your skin type. 

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoying the warmer summer months, hydration might be less important. Sun protection and after sun care might start to take precedence as we get to the year’s end. 

Boosting your skincare routine with active sleep support can help boost your skin year round. Seasonal skincare and topical treatments like serums or moisturizers can benefit from adding a sleep support pillow and a specialty pillowcase. 

The Beauty Pillow provides active sleep support all night long. The patented sleep zones support the head and neck, reducing skin and hair pulling for a fresher, more vital appearance every morning

The Beauty Pillow is more than just a  pillow to prevent wrinkles. This unique, wrinkle reducing pillow helps to support your skin, face and neck for a deeper, more restful sleep. The Beauty Pillow works as a pillow for skin by helping to position the head, reducing friction and skin pulling. 

The head cradle and side cut outs help to make the wrinkle free pillow effect last longer. The head positioning that reduces tugging simultaneously prevents the formation of sleep wrinkles. These deep set lines are different to traditional expression lines, which follow the lines of your facial muscles. 

Using the Beauty Pillow as a sleep wrinkle pillow helps to prevent the formation of these compression lines. 

Elevating the Beauty Pillow is the best pillowcase for face care, the Skin+. The Skin+ Pillowcase is infused with probiotic carotenoids that attach to the skin through your bedding and nightwear. These powerful antioxidants help to boost the look and feel of the skin, while the anti wrinkle pillow design of the Beauty Pillow prevents sleep wrinkle formation. 

Shop the range of Silk Pillowcases and Accessories at Beauty Pillow! The Premium Mulberry Silk uses only the finest 22 Momme threads for durable nightly skincare support

For an additional benefit, try adding a silk pillowcase for skin to your bedtime routine. Beauty Pillow offers the Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow and the Standard Silk Pillowcase. All of Beauty Pillow’s Silk Collection is made with Premium Turkish 22 Momme Mulberry Silk. 

Mulberry Silk is the perfect addition to any skincare routine. The silk fibers are naturally strong and durable, yet soft enough for daily contact with your skin and hair. Silk is naturally moisture wicking and non-absorbent, so your skin and hair care products aren’t wasted through absorption or transferred back into your skin and hair. 

Sleeping with a Silk Pillowcase or using a Silk Scrunchie to tie your hair back can help to reduce oiliness, prevent scalp irritation and reduce hair breakage and pulling. Likewise, silk pillowcases support your skincare routine by preventing irritation and breakouts. The soft, smooth fibers work to reduce the amount of oil and sebum transferred through the fabric, unlike traditional cotton or synthetic pillowcases. 

Boosting Your Beauty Sleep

Sleeping on the best silk pillowcase for wrinkles is one way to boost your beauty sleep. But what about the rest of your body?

Enjoy real Beauty Sleep with active sleep support from Beauty Pillow's range of orthopedic pillows including the Beauty Pillow, the Knee Pillow and the Chest Pillow!

The Beauty Pillow’s patented design features orthopedic sleep support zones that elevate the head and neck. This elevation helps to properly support and align the neck and spine overnight. The cervical support zone helps to relieve muscle tension and tightness through the cervical spine and into the shoulders. 

What about the lower back you ask? Well, one of the best ways to relieve lumbar and sciatic strain in the back is actually with a pillow for the legs! Using leg pillows for back pain is a tried and tested method that helps desk workers, laborers and even baby backache during pregnancy. 

The Knee Pillow by Beauty Pillow is designed for use on your side, back and even for stomach sleepers. Use the leg pillow for side sleeper by placing the Knee Pillow under the affected leg or between the knees. Elevating the legs helps to reduce the strain in the lower back and through the hips. 

If you’re not really into the idea of a knee or leg pillow for side sleeping, why not use the Knee Pillow for active rest? You can use it behind your back at your desk, place it under your legs while watching tv or reading or even use it when driving. 

Nightly Chest Support with the Chest Pillow! The Pillow Bra sits between the breasts to prevent the development of sleep wrinkles and provide cushioned breast support all night long.

For women, pain can often be felt more specifically in the upper back and through the shoulders. It’s not just the weight of good looks and conversation! The weight of your breasts can affect your posture and cause muscle strain over time. Using a breast pillow for sleeping goes beyond preventing sleep wrinkles in the chest. 

Unlike the anti chest wrinkle pads on the market, the breast pillow bra works to gently cushion the sensitive skin and alleviate muscle strain while you sleep. 

Just as with our faces, when we sleep we place a lot of gravitational pressure onto our bodies. Typically our faces, neck and chest are the most affected. This is partly due to the consistent force being exerted on the body each night. Additionally, the skin in these areas is typically thinner and more delicate than in other parts of the body. 

Because of this, our skin is more likely to lose elasticity quicker and therefore, show more pronounced wrinkles. Using a cleavage wrinkle pillow like the Chest Pillow helps to reduce the impact of nightly compression on the chest and breasts, reducing the likelihood of sleep wrinkles forming. 

The Chest Pillow, like other cleavage pillows, sits comfortably between the breasts. The adjustable straps allow you to adjust to your shape and size, while the satin-silk outer covering gently caresses the delicate skin. The Chest Pillow goes beyond the traditional breast pillow to prevent wrinkles. 

The straps help to maintain cushioned positioning all night long, which helps to reduce chest asymmetry. The development of asymmetry occurs when you favor one side in sleep. Reducing the movement of the chest in sleep with use of the Chest Pillow reduces the development of asymmetry. Using the Chest Pillow helps to reduce the muscle strain in the shoulders and upper back that can go along with the development of chest asymmetry. 

Get yourself into the swing of things. Get your beauty sleep with Beauty Pillow!