The Best Sleeping Positions for all Sleep Types

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Are you struggling to get a good night's sleep with your partner? Do you wake up with aches and pains? Do you feel more exhausted than when you went to bed? We've got sleep support tools for all sleep types!

At Beauty Pillow, we’re about more than just a patented pillow to avoid face wrinkles. We know that a good night's sleep is essential for healthy and happy skin and an energized mind and body. Sleep also plays an important part in your romantic relationship. Whether you're a cuddle bug or a solo sleeper, we've got some tips to help you both get the rest you need, in any position. 

For the Side Sleeper Couple:

If you and your partner are both side sleepers, spooning position is perfect! This position involves one partner snuggling up behind the other with their arms wrapped around them. This allows for intimacy while also providing the support and comfort that side sleepers need. If spooning is too hot or uncomfortable, try facing each other with your legs entwined for a cozy and comfortable sleep.

Side sleeping is a traditional position for couples, but it might be placing undue pressure on one side of your body. Utilizing tools like the Beauty Pillow Anti Aging Pillow is a great way to reduce movement, for a less disturbed sleep for you and your partner. 

Adding a sleep aid like a face pillow for sleeping helps to reduce movement and prevent excess facial compression overnight.  Using a side sleeper pillow for face wrinkles, helps to support your existing skincare routine and prevents the formation of sleep wrinkles overnight. 

Partner up with Beauty Pillow! Using the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow supports your neck and spine, while the Knee Pillow prevents excessive pressure and strain on muscles and joints, all while you sleep!

Favoring one side in sleep can lead to deep set sleep wrinkles forming more heavily on one side of your face. With a tool like the beauty pillow, the side cut outs reduce compression, preventing sleep wrinkles forming along one side of the face.

The Anti Aging Beauty Pillow’s patented design features orthopedic spinal support for full body care overnight. Adding the Knee Pillow or the Chest Pillow can increase body support in sleep. Tools like these reduce strain and pressure on joints and muscles, and prevent weight being pushed onto your partner in sleep. 

When sleeping on your side, it’s easier to use a between the knee pillow, since your legs will naturally be stacked on top of each other.  

Sleeping with the Chest Pillow can support your chest, neck and upper back and help to increase comfort during periods of sensitivity

The Chest Pillow can be used by side sleepers to prevent sleep wrinkles through the chest and décolletage regions and prevent asymmetry. The Chest Pillow is made of a premium silk-satin blend to sit against sensitive skin. Worn as a pillow bra the breast separator pillow is the perfect addition for ladies with a large or small bust. 

For the Back Sleeper Couple:

If you both prefer sleeping on your back, spooning won't work for you. Instead, try lying on your backs with your heads on opposite sides of the pillow. This allows for plenty of space and helps prevent any snoring or breathing difficulties.

Sleeping on your back is great for preventing sleep wrinkles. Using an anti aging pillow can still be beneficial for back sleepers. The Beauty Pillow’s patented design features 6 unique sleep zones to help position the head and neck in sleep. 

The head cradle reduces excessive movement, while the cervical spine and neck positioning zones provide orthopedic support to the neck and spine. More than the other sleeping positions, back sleepers enjoy the most benefit from the slight elevation of the Beauty Pillow. 

Enjoy active sleep support with Beauty Pillow's patented sleep zones, designed to support your head and neck in sleep and boost the efficacy of your skincare routine, all while you sleep!

Using a pillow for face support helps to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Better circulation means a brighter, leaner and less puffy face each and every morning. In sleep, we tend to compress our faces by pushing them into our pillow. This causes sleep wrinkles, but it can also cause facial blotchiness and bloating. 

Partnering your Beauty Pillow with a Skinplus for nightly antioxidant skin care or silk pillowcases will help to further boost the look and feel of your skin. 

Skin+ is a revolutionary sleep technology Tencel fabric that releases antioxidants while you sleep. These powerhouse molecules repair and restore damaged skin cells, working to improve the skin’s elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

For the Stomach Sleeper Couple:

Sleeping on your stomach can be tough for your face and body. If you and your partner are stomach sleepers, try sleeping facing opposite directions with your arms wrapped around each other. This allows for intimacy while also keeping your spines aligned and reducing any strain on your neck.

Using a face down pillow for stomach sleepers is easy with Beauty Pillow’s side cut outs. Partnering your Anti Aging Beauty Pillow with beautiful pillowcases like Mulberry Silk Pillowcases from the Silk Collection help to reduce sleep disturbances. 

The ultimate beauty partner? Silk! Premium Turkish Mulberry Silks are waiting for you!

Regular use of a silk pillowcase for allergies is especially important when sleeping on your stomach. Partnering your pillow for face down sleepers with hypoallergenic silks and the Skin+ can help to reduce pulling and tugging of your delicate facial skin. 

In this position, it can be harder to incorporate additional sleep support tools like the Knee Pillow or the Chest Pillow. However, using a pillow for knee support by placing the pillow under the knee and raising the hip can help to ease tension through the hips, glutes and lower back. 

The Mixed Sleep Type Couple:

If you and your partner have different sleeping positions, don't worry! There are plenty of positions that can accommodate both sleep styles, and plenty of tools to help make you both comfortable throughout the night. 

One sleeping position is the "T" shape, with one partner lying on their back and the other lying on their side with their head resting on their partner's chest. This allows for intimacy while also providing individual comfort. 

Getting to sleep in any position is easy with Beauty Pillow's Silk Eye Masks, designed to prevent compression darkening around the eyes and block light stimuli

Adding tools like a Silk Eye Mask can help to reduce sleep disturbances and improve sleep hygiene for yourself and your partner. Reducing irritations like light and noise are key to enjoying a full night’s sleep. 

Adding Silk Accessories like silk scrunchies or silk headbands for curly hair can help to reduce irritation for you and your partner, while nourishing and protecting your hair overnight. Silk’s naturally soft, smooth fibers prevent hair and skin from pulling and snagging as you move in sleep. 

Beauty Pillow uses only Premium 22 Momme Mulberry Silk across our Silk Collection. Mulberry Silk fibers are coated with a protein called sericin, which helps make the fibers soft and strong. Mulberry Silk Pillowcases, Eye Masks and Hair Accessories are the perfect partners for your nightly skin and hair care routines.  

No matter what sleeping position you choose, it's important to have the right pillows and bedding to support your body and keep you comfortable. 

So, there you have it, lovebirds! With these tips and some comfy pillows, you and your partner can get the restful sleep you deserve. Shop the Well Aging Pillow Collection today to boost your sleep every night!