Week 2 Gentle January: Skin Deep

Skincare and sleep are tied together in more ways than one with the Beauty Pillow Anti Aging Pillow and new Day and Night Serums

As we get further into the new year, it’s normal for our enthusiasm for new routines to slip and fade. One thing that should never be allowed to slip is your self care time. Scheduling time into your day to nourish and appreciate your body is key to building a healthy relationship with your body and your body’s needs. 

A great way to take note of your body and check in with yourself is by using your skincare routine as an active meditation practice. Slipping into a long satin kimono robe first thing in the morning or before bed will help to add a sense of luxury and indulgence. 

If we’re talking about skincare, you might be wondering “what is a kimono robe doing here?” Creating purposeful habits that make you feel great will help you return to your routine time and again.

Slipping into something chic and luxurious will help to create an enjoyable sensory experience for your whole body. Stepping into your robe at the start or the end of your day will help you shrug off the stresses of the day and into active meditation. 

Morning Rituals: Daily Selfcare

Starting your day with gentle movement like yoga, pilates or stretching is a great way to get your body moving and boost your energy for the day ahead. Goal setting with journaling or creating a daily to do list can help to center your focus and help create a deliberate plan for the day. 

Practicing active meditation through skincare is a simple and effective way to connect with your skin and start the day off feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Using a daily serum with active ingredients like Beauty Pillow’s Day Brightening Serum will help to brighten skin and eliminate the age old question “Hyaluronic Acid before or after Vitamin C?”. 

Enjoy brighter, more radiant skin with Beauty Pillow's Day Brightening Serum

The Day Brightening Serum is suitable for all skin types and uses the actives: Liposomal Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol. 

Why liposomal Vitamin C? Ascorbic Acid, the more traditional skincare active Vitamin C is less shelf stable and oxidizes quickly.  

What is Liposomal Vitamin C good for? Just like Ascorbic Acid, Liposomal Vitamin C works to repair and refresh the skin from environmental stress and free radicals. Skin tone is evened, with less hyperpigmentation and reduced dark spots. 

Hyaluronic Acid and Liposomal Vitamin C work well together. The Hyaluronic Acid in the Beauty Pillow Day Brightening Serum plumps and hydrates the skin, while the pantenol helps to lock in moisture. 

What is Panthenol?

Is Panthenol bad for skin or is Panthenol good for skin? Panthenol is a great hydrator. It works to prevent transepidermal water loss, which helps to maintain the skin's moisture barrier. Skin feels softer and smoother. 

Nighttime Routine: Before Bed

Creating an effective nighttime routine to wind down at the end of the day will do wonders for your stress levels and for your sleep hygiene. Taking some time for yourself to journal, meditate or exercise will help to clear your mind, allowing you to truly relax and get the most of your sleep time.

Active mediation with nightly skincare allows you to take off the layers of the day and take your time, unlike the morning where there might be more of a rush. Using facial massage tools like a Gua Sha or facial roller will help your night time serums penetrate more deeply into the skin. 

Enjoy softer, smoother skin with actives like Bio Bifida, Arnica Extract and Hyaluronic Acid in the Beauty Pillow Rejuvenating Night Serum

Using the Beauty Pillow Rejuvenating Night Serum as the base for your facial massage will help you enjoy the benefits of Bifida skincare, while the Arnica Extract works to restore and heal and the Hyaluronic Acid moisturizer plumps the skin. 

Just as for day time, where Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C and Panthenol create the perfect active balance, the night serum’s Arnica Extract skin benefits, Bio Bifida and Hyaluronic Acid are the perfect partners. 

The Bifida serum harnesses active ferments to gently smooth and exfoliate, for softer, more even skin. Arnica Extract benefits and Hyaluronic Acid hydrate and nourish the skin overnight. 

More than Skin Deep: Beauty Sleep

Serums, treatments and self care are all great tools to use in your daily beauty regimen. One thing you should never skimp on? Sleep! 

Beauty sleep is more than just a fable from the fairy tales we all grew up on. When we sleep, our bodies go through a period of rest and restoration, including our skin cells. Helping them with one of the best pillows for anti aging, the Beauty Pillow is a must! 

Elevate your head to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage for a brighter, less puffy face

Using an anti aging pillow might seem a bit strange at first, after all: are traditional pillows really that bad? When we sleep on a standard pillow, we push our faces into the pillow. As we move in our sleep our skin and hair pulls across the fibers. The combined effect of this compression and pulling can lead to the development of deep set sleep wrinkles and skin weakens, causing lines and wrinkles to become more prominent. 

Using an anti wrinkle pillow for stomach sleepers, side sleeper and back sleepers will help to elevate the head, promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage. While the side cut outs and head cradle of the Beauty Pillow work as an anti wrinkle pillow side sleeper treatment tool. Reducing the contact and compression of the face helps to prevent the formation of sleep wrinkles and maintains the skin’s elasticity for longer. 

Support your selfcare routine with active skincare for an everyday glow!