Top 3 Tips to Self Care this Holiday Season

Top 3 Tips to Self Care this Holiday Season

Holidays can take it out of the best of us. Read on for our top 3 tips to stay sane during the coming onslaught of the holiday season. 

Sleep is an essential element of your everyday selfcare practice. Boost your sleep with Beauty Pillow's range of active support pillows and luxe silks!


Our top holiday self-care tip might seem a little simple. Sleep is one of the things we tend to skimp on when things get busy. Going to bed late and waking up early might make you feel like a pillar of productivity but the lack of sleep can build and affect more than you’d expect. 

One of the most important things to remember is: self care isn't just holidays and massages. Self care at any time of year is really about prioritizing what your body needs to keep it running in tip top shape. Sleep is one of the most important bodily needs. 

At rest, our brains and bodies get the chance to repair and reset from the rigors of modern life. When we skip it, we open ourselves up to illness, reduced memory and cognitive function and we tend to look tired and drawn. 

Practicing daily self care by keeping a regular bedtime routine is one of the best ways to practice self care through the holidays and beyond. 

Boosting your sleep with an elevated pillow like the anti aging Beauty Pillow is about more than just fighting sleep wrinkles. Beauty Pillow’s patented design features targeted cervical neck support that can help to reduce neck and shoulder strain. The orthopedic support helps to align the spine and correct your posture while you sleep. 

The cervical vertebrae are fragile bones that run through your neck. As you get older, and as you spend longer sitting at a desk or hunched over your phone, you’re likely to notice stiffness and tightness in the neck. Using a specialty pillow like the Beauty Pillow can help to reduce the pain and stiffness felt through the neck and into the shoulders. 

The Beauty Pillow features 6 patented sleep zones to support the head and neck in sleep

The added bonus is the Beauty Pillow’s head cradle design that helps to reduce movement, for a sounder, more restful sleep. The pillow’s unique shape and elevation helps to promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage, for a face that isn’t puffy or blotchy first thing in the morning. 

If reduced pain in the neck and shoulders sounds great to you, why not add in an anti wrinkle Chest Pillow to your bedtime routine? Sleeping with a chest pillow for wrinkles will actually do a lot more than just prevent deep set sleep wrinkles from forming along your neck and décolletage. 

Sleeping with the Chest Pillow can help to relieve the strain and stress of a larger bust. The breast separator cushion sits comfortably between the breasts and fastens at the back, kind of like a chest pillow bra. The padding of the cushion helps to support the chest in sleep, preventing gravitational symmetry and boosting sleep by supporting you even as you naturally shift positions. 

Support tired muscles in the neck and shoulders by boosting your sleep with a chest pillow

Boosting your active beauty sleep with your Beauty Pillow and the Chest Pillow to prevent chest wrinkles is great. But about improving your overall sleep hygiene? 

First of all, “what is sleep hygiene?” We can hear you asking.

When we talk about sleep hygiene, we’re talking about the quality of your sleep. Are you interrupted? Do you get disturbed by noises or light pollution? 

If you’re regularly getting broken sleep, then your body isn’t truly getting the rest it needs. Every night, we cycle through the different stages of sleep. From light sleep, to REM stage sleep and slow wave sleep.

Our brains, in particular, need these stages of sleep to properly process the information of the day. It takes this time to store the essential information as memories or facts we can recall and tosses away the immaterial. 

If you’re constantly waking up due to external stimuli, your memory and recall might be affected. Adding a Silk Sleep Mask to your bedtime is a simple and effective way to block out light stimuli, catch your z’s and still look chic! 

Just like using a silk pillowcase for hair and skin comes with a ton of benefits, using a Silk Eye Mask by Beauty Pillow can help to boost your skincare and beauty regimens. Silk is world renowned for its soft, luxurious feel. At Beauty Pillow, we use only the finest Turkish Mulberry Silk for our Silk Collection. 

Mulberry Silk is strong, yet soft enough for regular contact with your face and hair. Adding a Silk Eye Mask to your toilette will help to ensure eye creams and serums are absorbed, improving their efficacy and prolonging their shelf life. Unlike other fibers, silk is non-absorbent and moisture repelling. This means expensive topical treatments are able to penetrate the skin, rather than being transferred. 

The Silk Eye Mask features padding to effectively block out light stimuli and provide additional cushioning to your delicate eye area. The padding helps to prevent blood pooling which causes dark circles around the eyes and simultaneously reduces the likelihood of sleep wrinkles or creases from forming on the cheeks and under eye areas. 

Cozy up this November with chic silk-satin kimono robes from Beauty Pillow!

Get Cozy

Sleep is all well and good, but what about your social life? 

We hear you! Socializing is essential for our mental and emotional health and though it might be getting cooler (in the Northern Hemisphere at least), that shouldn’t stop us from seeing our nearest and dearest. 

What about a fun “Girls Night In”?

Get stylish in a chic Silk-Satin Kimono Style Robe, push your hair back in a Silk Headband or tie it back in a Silk Scrunchie for a face mask moment! 

Kicking back and relaxing in a soft, satin kimono gown will make you feel like the epitome of luxury and elegance. Our Kimono robes are designed to get comfy in. With a choice of Midnight Black or Pearl White, these gowns are perfect for watching movies in, reading a book or hanging with the ladies. 

If you’re still venturing out on the town, these gowns are the perfect accessory for getting glammed up. The neutral colors will help you try out a new look while you stay warm! 

For a face mask moment, pushing your hair back with the Silk Twist or the Ruched Headband makes it a true moment of indulgence. Like we said, self care is about more than masking, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! 

Taking care of your skin is an essential element of year round skincare. Whether you’re taking a moment to exfoliate or if the cooler weather warrants a moisture locking mask, keeping your hair out the way with Silk Accessories is a must! 

Staying active is one of the best ways to relieve stress and get a good night's sleep!

Staying Active

Staying active is essential at any time of the year. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to maintain an active lifestyle. Our busy modern lives don’t leave a lot of time leftover. Our advice at any time of year: schedule it like you do your self care moments! 

One of the easiest ways to stay active even in the cooler months is to make it social with a walking or work out buddy. Getting in a Hot Fall Walk around your neighborhood, through the park or on the treadmill will help you relax and destress. 

Getting out those muscle kinks and strains with stretching after any physical activity is a must. But what about activating your rest and recovery? 

The Knee Pillow by Beauty Pillow is so much more essential than you might think! The Knee Pillow can be used to elevate and support your legs and thighs after exercise. It’s also the best lumbar support pillow for sciatica and an essential lumbar support pillow for sleeping. 

Side sleepers might find they wake up stiff throughout their back and into their hips and legs. The Knee Pillow provides the best lumbar support pillow for side sleepers by reducing the gravitational pressure being placed on the spine and through the hip and knee joints. 

Relieving this pressure overnight can help to reduce the strain on the bones and muscles, allowing you to move more easily throughout the day. 

Support your body this holiday season by prioritizing your “Me” time with Beauty Pillow!